Is your marriage taxed?

In the USofA April 15th is tax day – the day our tax returns are due. Or, as is the case for many, the day to file an extension because the forms are not complete.

Has this tax season taxed your marriage? Have you argued about who was responsible for certain records, or is one of you upset that the other waited till the last minute? If there has been any trouble because of taxes, make plans now to avoid a repeat next year.

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  1. Or pay the price for procrastination. Did you know that procrastination is a sin that will keep your conscience in turmoil? Know peace and don’t procrastinate.

  2. I’d recommend that you do NOT try to “team up” and divide responsibility. Usually one person in the family is the “nerd”- have that person do the taxes while the spouse supports by handling everything else during those tax hours. In my family I’m the nerd, and I can’t imagine trying to include and work together on something as complicated as filing our business taxes, especially with interruptions from children, meals, etc.

    What we do is I focus entirely on our taxes, and my loving wife takes care of everything else.

    Of course, for us Tax Day is January 15th so today I get to just sit back and watch the scramble :)

  3. @pianomikey – I think what you say is the best choice for most couples. My bride is a better record keeper, so she does the compiling over the year. I do the actually return, with her help feeding me information. In the past that lead to some stress, but we’ve gotten a lot better over the years. Part of that is working together day in and day out for two ministries.

  4. I had no idea that procrastination was a sin. I have some repenting to do then, and I don’t need to put it off.

  5. My wife and I celebrate our wedding anniversary on April 14th. The reason we do this is incentive to get our taxes done early so we’re not celebrating our marriage punching a calculator. I made the mistake of finishing my taxes on the plane on our way to our honeymoon destination.

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