Gratitude is good for both of you

It’s a no brainier that thanking your bride makes her feel good about herself, and about you and your relationship. However, did you ever think thanking her might make you feel better about her and about your relationship? That is the conclusion of a recent study. According to Nathaniel Lambert, the study’s lead author, expressing gratitude to someone “…makes you see them in a more positive light and helps you to focus in on their good traits.”

I think it is fair to suggest that a similar result would come from negative comments. I would think being rude or negative would focus you on her bad traits, and make you feel even worse about her.

3 Comments on “Gratitude is good for both of you

  1. Just like forgiveness benefits not only the forgiven, but the forgiver…

    Good point. :)

  2. This is a great post. My wife and I have made thanking each other for xyz or just for “being in my life” a regular part of our interactions in comments to one another and in our nightly prayers together. Anything you can do like this for one another brings you closer together and closer to God is how we feel about it. I also know there is a benefit when patience wears thin with one another because this appreciation of each other as gifts from God helps us maintain and grow our loving path.

  3. Sorry, I’m coming to this one late. I second what Teddy said!

    The funny thing is that a wise man I know once told me, as we were cooking steaks one night, after I was talking to him about troubles I was having with my children, that this kind of attitude would work just as well with children.

    And he was right! I began to see a real change in the attitude of my children, almost immedieately, when I began ttreating them with the same courtesy and appreciation that I treat my wife with; and any other adult for that matter.

    Truly, I am grateful for this advise. And it was easy enough for me to do because I was already showing this kind of appreciation to my precious one.

    I love seeing such good thigns happen, when I’m being good, just as I was created to be!

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