Cover your eyes and wait

Years ago, I was in a minor auto accident.  I was at a light on a one-way road, that crossed a one-way road. The light turned green, and I started out. Then I noticed a car approaching on my left, moving at a speed that suggested it was not going to stop. I hit the brakes, stopping with my car a few feet into the intersection. I then watched as the driver of the other car took her hands off the steering wheel, put her hands over her eyes, and stayed that way till she came to a stop after hitting my car.  She didn’t brake, she did not try to steer around me, she just hid and waited for the worst.

I have seen the same thing over and over in marriages. One, maybe both spouses, knows things are bad and that the marriage is headed for a crash. Rather than doing anything to avoid the crash, they try to ignore it and just ride it out. What a tragedy!

If you know there’s a problem, do something about it. If you don’t know what to do, get help.

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