What if we acted as if Jesus had a clue?

I don’t care if your pastor’s super-powered
And your program’s always new
What you need is love and truth
And men are going to come to you
It doesn’t matter that you know the Bible
If it’s all just in your head
The thing I need to ask you is
Have you done the things I said?

Do you love your wife?
For her and for your children
Are you layin’ down your life?

What about the others?
Are you livin’ as a servant to
Your sisters and your brothers?
Do you make the poor man beg you for a bone?
Do the widow and the orphan cry alone?

~ Steeple Song By Don Francisco

What if we acted as if Jesus had a clue? What if we behaved as if what He taught was really true, and really important? I mean ALL of what He taught, not just the parts we like, or the parts we can do without too much discomfort? What if we started by really loving our wife and our children? What if we then showed real, sacrificial love to the other followers of Jesus with whom we are in fellowship? What if we dealt with disagreements and “personality conflicts” by working through them, no matter what it took, rather than running away or chasing off those with whom we have problems? What if we got totally radical and turned our attention to the widows and orphans (or the single mothers and their children) and did more than just giving them a few dollars or a hug? What if we took pity on the poor?

If we did all those things, what do you think would happen? Do you think “the world” would take notice if a sizable percentage of Christians lived that way? Would that be so different that it would get people’s attention? Would the resulting changes in our marriages, our children, our churches, and our communities cause some to say, “Whatever you have, I want it?” Might living this way, the way the early Christians lived, cause the same dramatic effect that we read about in the book of Acts?

~ BTW ~

A note to those of you who are not following Jesus. I’m deeply sorry if you have not seen Christian’s who live like what I have described above. I wish you would not judge God by His followers, but I understand why you do. Please know that what you see falls far short of what Jesus commanded.

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5 Comments on “What if we acted as if Jesus had a clue?

  1. I think if this happened, we’d be in Heaven. I guess we could pray for death or the rapture, but I’m satisfied to let them come when God sees fit.

    I’d call process mentioned “the struggle” and I think it’s what we all experience to one extent to or another. I also think if we actually read all the Bible (not just Jesus’s words, also the other one’s he endorsed), we realize this utopia isn’t going to happen. The poor will always be among us and we need enemies to love them. This is the stuff that life on earth entails and constitutes the endless struggle to make things as they ought to be. Perhaps we should keep perspective we aren’t home yet and God won’t be done until we get there.

    I do understand many fall way too short of our expectations but there are many that I do think God is pleased with. I prefer to focus on them. I pray the others will some day “get it” but it is likely they won’t. Unbelievers will focus on who they want, and I have become sure that God only punishes those who are truly evil. In the end it’s in his hands. He made the rules and he is the only one who can judge.

    By the way, if you ever find this perfect church with perfect people, please don’t join. You will simply ruin it for all of us to look at.

    • I agree with all you have said, but the percentage I see who seem to be making a real effort seems very, very small.

      Perhaps part if it is that here in the USofA being a “Christian” is sort of default – you think you are unless you decide you are not. That is changing, and is probably not the case with today’s kids, but most adults I think fall into this category. Because of this I think churches are diluted with those who are not really serious about following the Lord. Even for those who are serious, the bar is set so low it’s difficult.

  2. Yeah, I hear ya. Christians who don’t act like Christians and bear no fruit are always annoying. Probably many aren’t really Christians, but that is between them and God. Honestly, I don’t see rants like these as being productive. They do more to discourage the faithful than to convict the unfaithful, as I see it.

    It is also unfair to use them as excuses to unbelievers. I see nothing in the Bible that removes personal responsibility for witnessing hypocrite behaviour. In all honesty, I see this as a huge excuse for their behaviour. Like I said, you’ll see what you are looking for. I choose to look for the faithful and I mostly assume the rest aren’t under the same authority, so I don’t expect much.

    • HfB – Maybe it does no good, but then again maybe, just maybe, it spurs a few to change. If it makes a difference for even one …

      As to unbelievers, you are right, the wrong behaviour of those who do know Him do not excuse them – but I think we who claim to follow Him need to understand that we are being watched, and our witness can and does influence others towards or away from Jesus.

      All that said, I don’t gt on a jag like this often! ;-)

  3. God loves us unconditionally, no matter our performance. Whether we do good or not. That being said, we are charged by Jesus to be salt and light. Our job is not to “change” people, that is the responsibility of the Holy Spirit. Our lives should reflect the joy of the Lord and our actions should reflect that joy. It doesn’t have to be forced. People are desperate for peace and only Jesus can give it to them and He works through people, who are His followers.

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