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I’ve been working on the site code a good deal recently, with the changes showing up over the last week. A few of the changes:

  • Switched to Thesis  for a custom theme. Thesis is a paid system, but it’s well worth the cost if you are serious about making a blog look good and run well. Affiliate link.
  • Web page now has left and right sidebars, making it easier to see what’s there.
  • Search replaced – no idea when it was lost.
  • Posts are now going to facebook. Still tweaking that, but it’s running.
  • Main page now shows two full posts, plus six posts with teasers. Makes for a smaller and faster loading page.
  • Images return – now working correctly in both e-mail and RSS.
  • Nifty new favicon (reload the page) with the couple from the logo.
  • Commenting has been greatly improved:
    • Threaded comments – so you can reply to any comment or to a reply.
    • Author comments in blue – so you can find, or avoid, my comments easily.
    • CommentLuv – if you have a blog, and give the URL, your most recent post will show up.
    • U Comment I Follow – If you leave a link in your comment, I allow Google to index that. Blogs by default prevent following of links in comments.

By the way, if you want to upload an avatar, you can do so after registering for the blog. This is really the only reason to register now.

Oh, and yes, I know the right side bar looks wrong in IE. IE refuses to render code the way the rest of the world does. I will work on getting it right after all the changes are made.

2 Comments on “Site changes

  1. That’s all great for computer geeks. As for my simple mind, just keep em comin’ to the email…At least I can read…now comprehending, that’s something else. Thanks a lot!

  2. Actually, I read your blog from Google Reader except for those times I comment, like now. But the site look nice!

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