Hands and feet

Make a habit of rubbing her hands and feet. Rub her hands any time you can – while you are watching a movie, at the dinner table, or sitting at a red light. Do foot massage when you can remove her shoes – like watching TV, or as you get into bed with her.

Massage fosters intimacy, relieves pain, and brings about relaxation – win, win, win! Be careful with her feet – a firm touch is less likely to tickle.

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  1. Amen * 2 to this. And I highly recommend something Jesus did in John 13. I did this when first going out with my FW. And don’t skimp. Realistically do it. Really *serve* her. Slowly. Ask nothing, seek nothing, just like a servant. I highly recommend studying why Jesus did that and for us men to use our knightly/kingly robes to wash away our bride’s dirt.

    And if ever your wife is crying and a tissue isn’t nearby and she’s searching for one but really needs someone to hold her, I challenge men to be men and use whatever you are wearing or even your hands.

    What is a little dirt or body fluid compared to the preciousness of your wife and children? Mothers spend a good portion of their lives cleaning up worse than this, so let’s honor our wives and daughters and be a servant who isn’t afraid Jesus getting the carpets dirty.

  2. This is so true. On our first date, my husband picked my hand up and kissed it gently. I almost stopped breathing. No man had ever done that and I found it so endearing. After 23 years, he still does this almost daily and it means the world. Holding hands, rubbing my hands, kissing my hands – makes me feel amazingly special. I’m sure when he reads this tip he will smile knowing he already has this one down pat!

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