Who is more spiritual, men or woman?

Okay, I’m not going to answer that question – I’m not that crazy! But I would like to discuss what I see as difference in how men and women relate to things spiritual. It seems to me that woman are more spiritually aware/sensitive. I think this is why many churches have far more women than men in regular attendance. I have heard it suggested that woman being more aware, means they are more likely to follow something wrong. If woman are more likely to respond to spiritual things, the logic seems valid. Of course the other side of that is that ignoring the spiritual completely is an error, and an error that men are more likely to make.

For me this is like most things in marriage: our gender differences mean that we will do better together than either of us can do alone. We cover each others weaknesses, and benefit from each others strengths.

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6 Comments on “Who is more spiritual, men or woman?

  1. I’d like to comment on one point here, specifically that “I think this is why many churches have far more women than men in regular attendance.”

    I think there are a great many reasons for this. Our men’s SS class has been working through a book by David Murrow, “Why Men Hate Going to Church” (http://www.amazon.com/Why-Men-Hate-Going-Church/dp/0785260382/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1273501383&sr=8-1).

    It’s very easy to say “oh, it’s just a difference between men and women.” What’s harder is to look at what makes things more interesting for the men and to find ways to bridge the gap!

    It’s important for us to be aware of some of the things that make men less interested and to find ways to involve them in church activities.

    • @sage.sam – I hear what you are saying, and I’m all about making changes that make things easier for folks. But how did we get here? Until fairly recently churches were pretty much controlled by men alone. You would think that this would make them very man friendly!

      • You might think so, wouldn’t you? That’s a big part of what the book talks about!

        Take a close look at an average church roster… or a few different ones! Where do you see men involved? Perhaps in finance or building/grounds. Sure, the official positions within the church (pastor, priest, associates) are traditionally male… But who do you see teaching Sunday School classes for kids? Who is in the nursery, who is on the committees at the church?

        It might surprise you to see how many roles are actually occupied by women.

        • sage.sam – I’ve been in church leadership in one for or another for 30+ years, and before that around it as my parents always were. I am well aware how much women do – most modern churches could not function without what they do.

          However, with 40 years of watching it from the inside, I do know it’s changed a lot. Women are far more active, and in far more areas. I’m not saying the change is bad, in fact it’s good. But I wonder why the change? Why is church more unfriendly to men now than it was in decades past?

  2. I was hoping for some clarification on this statement. “I have heard it suggested that woman being more aware, means they are more likely to follow something wrong.” I don’t quite follow what you mean by this. It is probably just me on a Monday morning, still trying to wake up.

    Thanks, I really enjoy the daily tips.

    • @Monte – It’s like someone who is deaf – they don’t hear what anyone says, so they can not fall for spoken lies. Neither can they receive spoken truth. The better someone’s hearing, the more they hear of both truth and lies.

      Of course it’s far more complicated than that – if you don’t “hear” spiritually you will miss things that you need to know.

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