Have you ever corned your bride? Are you sure? Odds are you have done it and not even known it!

When I say cornered, I don’t just mean physically backing her into a corner. She can feel cornered by your size even if she could theoretically get around you. What’s more, if you are “bigger” than she is emotionally, you can corner her with your words or your attitude.

If you do corner her, she is unlikely to call you on it – if she were up to calling you on it, she would not feel or allow herself to be cornered in the first place. If your bride has ever been physically or verbally abused, she will be especially sensitive to this, and you can easily back her into a physical or emotional corner without being aware of it.

Do you dare ask her “When is the last time I made you feel physically or emotionally cornered?”  And/or, set up a signal she can give you when she feels cornered – maybe putting her hands together, forming two walls and a corner. Do be warned, arguing that you are not cornering her when she feels cornered, will make her feel even more cornered, and she will not feel safe telling you she feels cornered in the future.

One Comment on “Cornered!

  1. I’m guilty of this, for certain. Occasionally when we argue and I’m trying to show her something, she’ll appear to me as trying to wiggle out of it, and really she just doesn’t understand or see it, and I take it upon myself to hold her to her integrity in an often harsh manner. We have talked about it though and I’m aware of it, so it’s something to work on.

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