Reach out and touch is almost like the real thing

A recent post on Hug The Money about boosting oxytocin by phone got my attention. Following a stressful situation, both a hug and a phone call boosted oxytocin (feel loved hormone) and reduced cortisol (stress hormone). While the study reported on was done with 7 to 12 girls and their mothers, I would expect similar results between husband and wife.

In practical terms, this means you can both help and bless your bride even when you can’t be with her.  If you know she has something stressful in her day, call her before and after to encourage her and tell her you love her. It will probably make her life better – and much more so than you would think.

This also means that you need to call your bride more if she is a words of encouragement gal!

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  1. For my husband and I, a text does just as well. I work in retail and a phone call isn’t always convenient. However when I have a moment during a stressful day and am surprised to find a text on my phone from my wonderful husband, it helps me feel peace and reminds me I’m loved and my day goes better.

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