Yes, women love flowers

This last Sunday a woman at church brought my bride some lilac flowers in a vase. Yes, Lori was thrilled, and beyond that, I watched as most of the women who talked to her, or walked by her, buried their faces in the deep fragrance of the flowers.

So, when you give or plant flowers for your bride, be sure to think about the aroma as well as how they look.

Fragrant flowers for the garden
Fragrant cut flowers

3 Comments on “Yes, women love flowers

  1. We all don’t love flowers…truly we don’t! This has been a source of friction in my marriage. My husband actually loves flowers and would buy them for me at times but get hurt when I didn’t seem to appreciate them. It took awhile but we finally discussed and now we understand each other. If he buys me a flower he buys one that’s living…that way my brain’s not going to explode over him spending money on something that’s gonna die!

    Please find out if your wife really likes flowers or not!

  2. I used to be like Temple and say “I don’t like flowers because they die” but I would love it if my husband would occasionally surprise me with them. I learned my attitude was more of not knowing how to receive the gift, and it made a good excuse.

    I have been married 10 years and even prior to marriage back into High school I had this bad attitude. I would encourage Temple and others who think like I did “why buy me something that will die?” to see what the real issue is.

    Hoping for flowers from my DH someday!

    • @Prov31Chick – Having a problem receiving gifts is certainly a problem that some have, and when it exists it’s something that needs to be dealt with.

      However, I can believe that there are some (few) women who don’t really enjoy receiving flowers as a simple matter of choice.

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