My gift has a birthday

Today is my bride’s birthday, but I’m the one who gets the gift – because I have her.

I thank God for my bride daily because she has been and continues to be such a blessing to me. She is so focused on me, on blessing me, and giving me what I want – I am so blessed

However, there is much more to it than that. When I was in the chess club, I always sought games with those who were better players because I knew I would learn from them. As a freshman I played one senior every chance I had, even though I did not expect to beat him. But, I learned so much from playing him that I won the school tournament the next year. Marrying Lori was like this – I saw in her things that I wanted; I saw places where she was better and stronger than I was. Because she is my wife, I have become a far better man in so many ways. I attribute much of my growth to years of “playing with a superior player”.

Thanks babe, you rock in so many ways.

3 Comments on “My gift has a birthday

  1. Please pass on our wishes for a Happy Birthday to your beautiful bride!

    May you find peace with each other, always, and joy in each others arms forever.

    Chess, eh? I play. ;)

  2. Hi Guys, So enjoy both your blogs! Happy BD to sweet Lori! Wonderful to get to know you the little bit we did last year! Love you, Vonny : )

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