Two fingers of pleasure

This is good for foreplay, or to bring her to climax before, after, or instead of intercourse. She needs to be fairly aroused before you start this, so make with the kissing and hugging, the breast play and some genital play before you move to this.

She will be on her back, you will be sitting on one side of her, legs in front of you and her body on the side of your dominant arm. Your hips will be about the level of her genitals along the length of her body. Part her legs moderately, rolling them out a bit. You are going to insert your pointer finger, while using your thumb on her clitoris. Bring your pointer up, as if you were trying to pinch her gently between your thumb and forefinger – this will simulate the area of her G-spot.

Tray a variety of strokes.

Your thumb can move in circles, back and forth, up and down, or press in and release. Try variations in speed and the firmness of your touch. Initially you will need to use a light touch and/or avoid being in direct contact with her clitoris. Placing your thumb to one side of her clitoris may work well, or above her clitoris.

Your finger inside can press or rub. Do circles, or back and forth. Vary pressure. Don’t worry if you can’t feel her G-spot, you are in the right place. If she feels uncomfortable, or feels she needs to urinate, back off.  The urination urge should pass with time, especially if you give her good clitoral stimulation, and especially as she approaches orgasm.

Find a coordination of internal and external stimulation that works best for her. Does she want the strongest internal stimulation (pressing in) to match or counter the strongest point of the clitoral stimulation? Does she want the two at the same tempo, or does she want one double the speed of the other?

If you take her to climax this way, don’t be shy. Women can be over stimulated, but it’s not as significant a problem for them as it usually is for men. Her climax can be made longer by keeping the stimulation up until she lets you know to slow down or stop.

If you do this with good lighting you will have a very nice view. Watch how her vulva changes as her arousal level grows, and enjoy the feeling of her vagina clenching your finger as she climaxes.

Tomorrow: Pillows and grounding

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6 Comments on “Two fingers of pleasure

  1. she won’t ever let me put my fingers in there. Says that’s what god made the pens for. Not the fingers. Have to stick with external stem only.

  2. she won’t ever let me put my fingers in there. Says that’s what god made the pens for. Not the fingers. Have to stick with external stem only.

  3. onewomanman  Yup, it’s right there in II Gnotsics 5:8

    Thou shalt not penetrate the wife of thy youth with thy finger. Neither the left nor the right hand shalt thou use for this unnatural activity.

  4. TheGenerousHusband   LOL.Right out of her Bible! Though I don’t imagine you’d think it so funny if it were your situation.

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