Random Sex

You can spice up your sex life by adding some randomness with a pair (or more, or less) of dice. A very simple example would be to agree that you will roll a single die at the first of the week, and that is the number of times you will have sex that week. Or the minimum number of times, or the roll plus 3 is the number of times you will have sex.

You could use dice to determine how long foreplay will last (a number minutes plus the dice roll, or dice roll times some number) or the number of minutes that you will kiss before anything else happens, or to set the time for anything else. If the two of you like different things, and usually do both, the dice could be used to decide which is done first, or which is done for a longer time, or which is done for climax. Alternatively, use the dice to decide what body part foreplay will focus on. Or, have extended foreplay by rolling a die for body part and a die for how many minutes. Decide to roll a certain number of times, and do all the rolls before moving to intercourse.

You could also roll dice some of the times or every time, you have sex, to determine what to do. If you want to do this, spend some time working up your chart. Below I have the odds of rolling numbers with 2 or 3 six sided dice. If you go with three dice, you will get a 9, 10, 11 or 12 almost half the time, so you could put two of the things you most commonly do on those numbers. For example, those could be intercourse with you on top and intercourse with her on top. Also with three dice, 3 and 18 will occur only half of a percent of the time. Maybe use these for something one of you is willing to very occasionally do for the other.

You could divide the upper and lower number between the two of you – so for example 3 through 8 are things you choose, while 13 through 18 are her picks. Each of you chooses your six things, and then the other puts them on the chart as desired.  You can add to this by offering each other a plus or minus on a roll (+1 means she is more likely to get something she has chosen, -1 favours your choices). She might offer you -1 if you do something, or the two of you could have a friendly bet on anything for a point, or two, on the next roll. Points plus or minus) could also be given as gifts, or treats, or bribes. If points result in a total that is off the chart, you can make it the choice of the one on that end of the chart, go with the last thing on the chart at that end, or re-roll.

If you use the dice to determine what sex is going to happen, make it more fun by rolling in the morning for that night, so you can anticipate. If you make a date for a special time of sex, roll when you make the date.

Don’t be too rigid, make some wiggle room. Some folks really enjoy something like this, others have no interest. Try it a bit and see if it’s a fit for the two of you. Be creative, there are many other ways to introduce a bit of randomness to your sex life.

By the way, you can buy dice in other shapes, with 4 sides, 8 sides, 10 sides, 12 sides, 20 sides, and more. You can play with the odd of getting certain numbers by using these other dice.

2 dice 3 dice
2 2.8% – – –
3 5.6% 0.5%
4 8.3% 1.4%
5 11.1% 2.8%
6 13.9% 4.6%
7 16.7% 6.9%
8 13.9% 9.7%
9 11.1% 11.6%
10 8.3% 12.5%
11 5.6% 12.5%
12 2.8% 11.6%
13 – – – 9.7%
14 – – – 6.9%
15 – – – 4.6%
16 – – – 2.8%
17 – – – 1.4%
18 – – – 0.5%

2 Comments on “Random Sex

  1. Reminds me of dungeons and dragons. I don’t know if it will fly. Perhaps if I use the +1 flowers of romance.

  2. I once bought some dice and some sticky labels for a romantic retreat with my bride and labelled each face with the actions below. roll all the dice and it will suggest a whole random set of instructions! Body part/action/location/option/attire/pace/recipient and position. Use all or some?

    Target Body Part
    1. Nipple
    2. Neck
    3. Genitals
    4. Thigh
    5. Tummy
    6. Tongue

    Action Dice
    1. Passionate kiss
    2. Fondle
    3. Genital rub/slide etc
    4. Lick
    5. Suck
    6. Slow striptease

    Location Dice
    1. Bedroom
    2. Lounge room
    3. Kitchen
    4. Bathroom
    5. Laundry
    6. Spinner’s choice

    Option Dice
    1. Wet
    2. Dry
    3. Cold
    4. Hot
    5. Sweet
    6. Spin again

    Attire Dice
    1. Spinner remove an item of clothing
    2. Non-spinner remove an item of clothing
    3. Cut to the case strip
    4. Slow striptease
    5. Wardrobe malfunction peekaboo
    6. Spin again

    Pace Dice
    1. 30 second
    2. 1 minute
    3. 3 minutes
    4. 5 Minutes
    5. 10 minutes
    6. Spinners choice

    Recipient Dice
    1. Husband
    2. Wife
    3. Husband
    4. Wife
    5. Husband
    6. Wife

    Spinners Position Dice
    1. Side by side
    2. Kneeling
    3. Behind
    4. On top
    5. Sitting
    6. Standing

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