*SWITCH* and other games to play in bed

Some ideas that can change things up and make sex more fun. Use these as a starting place and come up with your own ideas.

  • SWITCH: You and your bride take turns doing something enjoyable to each other. You could be manually or orally pleasuring each other, or taking turns being on top, or switching between two other positions. The one who is “receiving”, or less active (on the bottom for example) decides when to change to the other activity, and makes the change known by saying “SWITCH”. The change must then be done immediately.
    • Variation: If you are switching activities where only one of you is being stimulated at a time, you can make a competition of it. When one of you just can’t take it anymore, and chooses to climax rather than say switch, that person “losses”.
  • Stop/Start: One of you says stop and start to stop and start whatever activity you are doing. This can be a great way to tease and prolong sex.
  • Follow the leader: You do something to your body, or her body, and then she has to do the same thing to the same body. Then it’s her turn to do something, and you have to copy it. This is a great way to learn about each-others bodies and preferences.
  • Hot/Cold: You guide her hands to a place on your body by saying hot, warm, cool, cold, and so on to indicate how close she is to the desired spot. When she finds the spot, she is to stroke or kiss it for a set time. Then it’s her turn to guide you. This one is more fun if it’s very dark or you use a blindfold.
  • Time’s Up: Get a kitchen timer, and use it to set limits or durations of sexual activities. Set the timer, and then one of you does whatever to the other till the timer goes off. When the timer goes off either something else is done, or one of both of you climaxes (decide ahead of time).
    • Variation 1: One of you sets the timer, but does not show the other what it’s set for. So, for example, if it’s timing how long manual sex goes before completion, the one receiving has no idea how long it’s going to last. (Agree on short and long time limits ahead of time).
    • Variation 2: Use a short setting (or get an egg timer) and switch positions when time it up. Take turns choosing the next position.
    • Variation 3: Set the timer for an amount of time longer than you usually spend on foreplay, and do not move to intercourse until the timer goes off.
  • Statue: One of you poses the other the other in a comfortable, standing pose. The statue must then be completely still and silent while their spouse touches, kisses, and generally pleasures the statue. This can be timed, or done till the stature moves, makes noise, or climaxes.
  • Do as I say: One of you verbally directs the other. The one being directed may do only what they are told to do. This is another good way to learn about each-others bodies and what feels good, especially if you take turns directing the other to manually stimulate you to climax.
  • Commercial break: Watch something on TV, and engage in sex during the commercials. Sex stops as soon as the show is back on.
  • 1 to 10: From start of foreplay to the finish of sex, one of you indicates your arousal/pleasure level by calling out numbers from 1 (no arousal/pleasure) to 10 (climax). You can both learn a lot with this one, but it’s not easy once sex get’s feeling rather good.  The one not calling out numbers can reminder the other by saying “Number?” every so often.
  • Show and tell: Get a hand mirror, and give her a guided tour of her body as you see it. Let her do the same for you.
  • Faster/Slower: She calls out faster or slower to change your speed during intercourse or some stimulation you are performing on her. Let’s her enjoy more by being more in control, and can teach you about her body.
  • Draw again: Each of you writes various acts on identical slips of paper. Fold all the pieces of paper the same way, and toss them in a bowl. Take turns drawing out a slip and doing what’s on it. Set a time limit for each item, or the one who drew the slip gets to say when to stop, or agree on some other way of determining when the next slip is drawn.
    • Variation: Do a large number of slips, and/or put each item back in the bowl. Continue until one of you decides to do something written by the other to completion.
  • Honour Bound: Tie something (yarn for example) to the bedposts, or the bed legs, so that you have two pieces that can be reached by both hands when one of you is lying in the middle of the bed. The one lying down holds the yarn, and “looses” if they let go. The other then sets out to pleasure the “bound” person.

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