Hovering Crab and Clock Face Positions

Here are a couple of uncommon positions that have a lot to offer with no significant risk of injury.  Please be aware these positions are visually shown by the use of “Barbie” type dolls painted pink and blue. Not overly erotic, but probably not something you want your five-year-old seeing.  (I’ve also added a doll image to the Two fingers of pleasure post as my words fell well short of a thousand!)

The Hovering Crab

She is in a “crab walk” position, facing up with her arms and legs holding her up – but with several pillows under her body so her arms and legs aren’t taking much of her weight. Add or remove pillows to change her height. Put pillows under her head, or let her head hang down to the bed, depending on her preference (some claim having the head lower than the body results in better climax because there’s more blood in the brain). You can also play with the pillows to slope her body up or down. Note – be ready to help her stay on top of the pillows when she climaxes.

This position gives you exceptional access and comfort for performing manual or oral sex on your bride. You can sit between her legs with your legs stretched out either side of the pillows, or you can sit on your bent legs.

This position also allows for interesting intercourse. You can kneel with your knees apart and slightly under her legs. Entry may be a bit tricky as the angles won’t be what you are used to. Use some lube and have her guide you in. This position gives her very good G-spot stimulation.

During intercourse, you can easily stimulate her clitoris by hand or with a vibrator. Alternately, she can do the same to herself – and you can watch her doing it.

The Clock Face

This one is a bit tricky to get right at first, but not really difficult to do once you get the hang of it. The man will probably need to roll slightly forward to get the angle right for penetration. A pillow under his hip or her rear will change the fit – experiment till you get something that works well.  Pillows for your heads will also help and add comfort.You can bend at the waist and get your body closer to her than the dolls show.

For movement, the man can grasp her arm or the top edge of the bed with his downward arm (in the image his left hand on her right arm) and grab her with his upper hand (right hand in the image) in whatever way works – including holding her left arm or hand, or her left leg. This will allow him to thrust well.

However, the real beauty of this position is that it’s easy and comfortable to maintain for a long time. You can see each other clearly, and your right hand can reach her breasts. Both of her hands and your right hand can reach between your legs and do all manner of pleasing things. Either of you can clearly feel where your body ends and her’s starts, which can be a great turn on. With a hand mirror and good lighting, you can each see the point of union as well, which can also be a big turn on.

If you ever have sex position marathons, this is a great resting position. This is also a good foreplay position – getting her aroused while you are inside of her. And of course, you can easily bring her to climax by hand in this position. If she is given to multiple orgasms, give her a few by hand and then have one together from thrusting.

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15 Comments on “Hovering Crab and Clock Face Positions

  1. Yes, keep using the dolls to illustrate these things. It’s a good idea, as are the positions! That first one is really easy to do with a Liberator large wedge. With it under her, I can reach her g-spot during intercourse. And that is a good thing indeed!

  2. The Clock Face is a great position. It is so easy on your body we use it almost exclusively. My wife has lower back pain and this is the best position for that. I “invented” it in that I had never seen a picture of it or read a description of it anywhere. This is the first place I have ever seen it described and I didn’t know it had a name.

    A similar position (the one I have seen described) puts the man and the woman at right angles to each other but both of his legs are straight and both of hers are draped over the man’s waist and thighs, bent at the knees like they would be in the Missionary Position. The Clock Face works much better than that position.

    When “The Time” comes, I usually reach up and grab the headboard and pull on it for extra “oomph”.

  3. @WR – I must confess I made the names up – just makes it easier to talk about them. The variation you mentioned is also useful – even better G-spot stimulation for those ladies who really groove on that. But it’s not as restful or comfortable.

  4. Yes, my wife and I looked at the pictures together and it was so much easier to communicate than text. I think they were helpful.

  5. The clockface position works really well for my wife and me as we both have bad right knees, other positions can cause pain in the knees or legs. We made it up to suit us, we had not seen it described either.

  6. Might I suggest linking to the doll photos in the email version rather than embedding them? I could see it being fairly easy for an accidental viewing of these photos by a child because a lot of folks leave their email client open all the time on their computers. Otherwise, I think they are very effective, leaving no margin for misinterpretation.

    • @Tim – I understand the issue, but I have no way to put the images on the web but not in the e-mails. I will put the images down the page, with a warning at the top.

  7. We tried the clockface last night… very nice! It was a very comfortable position for a long time :)

  8. Great posts, the doll illustrations help immensely, please keep it up. I can see this becoming a weekly feature. Embedding the dolls in the email is very necessary and much appreciated; many people simply don’t have time to click on links to visit a site and/or work prevents them from doing so.

    But more importantly: If you leave what is clearly adult material open to your kids, you can expect them to peruse it. It’s like leaving a Playboy or perhaps in this case a sex enhancement book on the coffee table along with Better Homes & Gardens and expecting them not to pick any of it up. In other words, be sensible and responsible in your own home with your own kids. Not trying to sound harsh, but seriously…take full responsibility with your kids (and teach them the same) starting now; it’s a great habit that will serve you and them well.

    • @Ed – My comments were a general recommendation/request based on knowing that many folks typically leave their email clients running, and I’d imagine most don’t create separate email folders to segregate their emails, etc. Personally, I keep information not appropriate for my little one inaccessible. I did not mean to imply that I am not taking responsibility on my end, I was simply trying to respectfully bring up the fact that if you’re opening an email that you are expecting to only have text and perhaps some innocent embedded picture (as has been the case with GH emails up until now), that you are more likely to do this in front of little ones who aren’t reading yet. However, if you aren’t expecting a picture of a sexual position when opening an otherwise text email, it could be quite a shock for the reader as well as anyone else in sight of your screen. I think Paul’s idea of putting them at the bottom with a textual warning at the top is a good compromise, since you’d have to scroll down to get to the picture, so it likely would not be visible when you first open the email.

  9. @Tim: I see your point, again, no criticism/disrespect intended. The bottom-of-the-email compromise sounds like a good one. I hope that’s where we end up with it. Thanks for the clarification. And thanks to The Generous Husband for creating a great resource. I hope the donations keep coming in to keep it all it can be. Hopefully we’re all doing our part there.

  10. The dolls are great! No need to wonder what the basic intent is; that makes it even easier to experiment. : )
    I wanted to take just a minute to thank you (and Lori) for your ministry. I am blessed to have a wonderful husband who does his best to speak my love language and to put me first. In turn, I try to do the same for him. Often the words of one or both of you are great reminders of why we love each other so much, and tips to do what we can to show it. The sexual aspect of a marriage is an important one, but it’s a place that some people just won’t go…thank you for going there and doing so in a classy way.

  11. Smuggler96 – http://www.sexualpositionsfree.com uses wooden art models and have a few computer generated images. There is no nudity. No full on porn links as I know, but some of the links are not safe for work, or marriages. I stopped recommending the site when they added “positions for 3 or 4 people” section.

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