Be ready for good things

In the past, I’ve mentioned that my bride and I have been doing house church – for more than a decade now.  However, for the last few months, we have been double dipping – attending both a Sunday afternoon house church, and going to a more (or less) traditional church on Sunday morning. We have a growing number of connections with this church, to the point that now one or both of us are with church people almost daily.

Why the change? We were not looking for it – we were not unhappy with what we had. However, the Lord put this group in our faces, repeatedly. We saw something really good, something clearly of God, and we felt we had to be a part of it. How wonderful to not be looking for anything, and stumble on something awesome! How nice to not feel a lack, and then find something that you come to wonder how you were fulfilled without it.

Are you open to something like this in your marriage, to suddenly finding something great? If you are happy with your marriage, are you open to stumbling on something that makes it even better? If you are unhappy, are you open to that possibility of stumbling on something that makes a significant improvement without the effort you think should be required?

It would have been easy for Lori and I to miss this church, or to think, “Nah, we’re good the way we are”, and then I’d have fewer great people in my life than I could.  Be open. Good things happen, often for no reason we can understand.

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