You are how I see you, even if you are not.

Thanks to Alan Hirsch for this:

“We do not see things as they are, but as we are.” – Jewish proverb

How true this is. So often the words that come out of my mouth reveal my heart far more than they reveal anything about the person or situation that I am talking about. In the same way, my thoughts about my bride probably have a lot more to do with my heart, my past, my wounds, and my selfishness than they have to do with what she is or is not doing. Certainly there are times this is not true – the trick is learning to figure out which is which.  A bit more on that Tuesday.

Follow up: Thanks for all the comments on my Sunday post -really. I won’t reply to what was written (much as I would like to) because I don’t want to distract form the real reason this blog exists. I have made a reply to the comments about why I even posted it at all.

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