Setting the stage for sex she will remember

If your bride is the romantic type (and most are), you make her feel loved and special when you put a lot of time, effort and thought into something. This applies to pretty much everything you do for her, including sex.

The image I’ve chosen for this post gives you one way to make sex a bit romantic. Cradle light, some nice scents, music, and other sensual touches have the same effect. A bubble bath by candles or a long slow massage – planned and prepared ahead of time, also get her going romantically.

The ultimate, if you can manage it, is a nice dinner and a show, followed by a night at a nice hotel. Go to the hotel ahead of time and lay things out perfectly.

Of course, you can’t do these kind of things every time you have sex – but you don’t need to. Occasional romantic lovemaking will have a profound and lasting effect on her. It makes her feel like she is loved and desired, not just “someplace to put it”.

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  1. Hi, if you are not used to being “romantic” or if your bride is not “romantic”, start out small & increase the frequency from “special occasions” to “just because”. You will see a difference over time, both in you and your bride. I hope this helps.

  2. Thanks for this post, I have not done anything like this for a while and I am trying to come up with something romantic for her.

    I know that before anything else can happened for her, she needs to feel loved. Setting the stage is just the thing to do it!
    .-= Eric – BHF´s last blog ..Introducing- Spritual Thoughts =-.

  3. This is absolutely good advice. Refusing wives differ though. My wife takes the Hotel at the end of the date to mean an end to the romance. She just wants all the flowers and cards and candy and hand in hand walks and all that to go on and on until she drops from exhaustion. Not kidding. Our most romantic days end with a peck on the cheek and her falling asleep in her jammies. She will literally say “That was a perfect day!” And she will give me a peck on the cheek, put on her fuzzy jammies and go to bed. And I will stay awake till 4am staring at the ceiling thinking of the time wasted looking into hotels. That’s why we’ve never had sex on Valentines Day, and almost never on our anniversary. Never on birthdays. the most typically romantic days are our driest in the bedroom. Lunch, musical theater, hand in hand walks, roses, candies, card, dinner, jammies, she sleeps, I stare at the ceiling. Our weekly date nights are the same. I can’t wine and dine every week but we do go out weekly. If my recollections are correct, we’ve had sex twice on date night in about 7 years of regular weekly dates. Sex ends the date for her. She sees it as date OR sex even though its NEVER framed that way ever. “We can do that any time at home, why spend the money on a motel, besides I want to go out” We ARE out. We just had dinner and chatted for two hours. Then she’s mad cause that wasn’t in HER plan. So sex is out.

    Its good advice though. Excellent actually. Husbands should be romancing their wives and putting in the effort. I still plan special days for her. I just don’t bother trying to make the end special too.


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