Link Love – what do you think?

A while back, I started giving a list of links to other blogs and web sites on Sundays. I want to share why I do this, and then get your feedback on links and how I might make this feature better.

I’ve always read a wide range of more-or-less marriage related things to help me do these tips. I’d say 25% of what I write is a reaction to something I’ve read. A while back I realised I was only passing on a fraction of the good things I was seeing, so I decided to start linking to anything I thought was worth showing to others.

How picky am I about what I pass on? I am careful about nudity and blatant sin, but I’m not going to exclude a post because the author said something a bit off on another post. In other words, I am pointing to the post, and may not agree with the author in general or the links on the site.

Hit the comments and let me know what you think about the links, and how I might make them better. Also, is the new format started last Sunday better?


Links to blog posts that stood out to me this last week:

Better Husbands and Fathers

Date Your Wife: Breakfast!: Breakfast date – great idea.

Engaged Marriage

What Role Does Fitness Play in Your Marriage? : Dustin has a great post about something important.

Gina Parris’ Blog

The Problem With Knowing It Already: This is one of those business-oriented posts that is spot on for marriage as well. If you don’t “try something” for long enough, you have no idea if or how it will work for you.

Happily Married After

Freedom to Be Me: A great post on giving your spouse the freedom to be him or herself.
Happily Married After Couple: Corey & Pam Allan: Want to learn about Corey and Pam of Simple Marriage? Here are the facts!

Intimacy in Marriage

Want a Stronger Family? Intimacy Between Mom and Dad is Key : This guest post by Eric of Better Husbands and Fathers is a good reminder.

Journey to Surrender

Is Happiness the Right Goal in Marriage? : Scott has a thought provoking post here. I agree with all he said, but have a slightly different view on it. See the comments for that.

The Marriage Counseling Blog

Can You Help Improve Your Relationship On Your Own?: Some ideas if she (or you) won’t go to counselling.
How to Choose a Couples’ Counselor: A good list here – I would add that you need someone who understands and will honour your religious beliefs.

Marriage Gems

Stay Self-Focused to Repair Marital Problems: Lori Lowe follows that dead on statement with some great ideas. Maybe, just maybe, it’s not all your bride’s fault.
Marriage/Babies Won’t Fix Relationship Problems: Think marriage will make a bad relationship better? Think having kids will save a marriage in trouble? If you answered yes to either, please read this post!

The Marry Blogger

Little Problems in marriage: Seeds vs. Watermelon: Good post on keeping problems in perspective.

7 Comments on “Link Love – what do you think?

  1. I greatly enjoy the links you post and love having the additional resources for a good marriage. I say keep it up! The new format seems fine to me as well.

  2. I like the links. I would prefer they be on Saturday so I can have the whole weekend to read them. For me Saturday is the day of the week that I have the most free time on my computer.

  3. Paul, you’re doing a fantastic job! I often pick up interesting and useful things from your liinks. i think your breadth of interest is great and the fact you’re sorting them into headings makes then easy to navigate.

    Keep up the good work – it’s greatly appreciated!


  4. When recommending books, etc., that have “mixed” content (some excellent, some borderline) a Christian friend uses the phrase: “Eat the meat and throw away the bones.” I think recommending other sites – with a similar warning – is fine. Heck, I don’t even accept 100% of what YOU say (and, if you listened to ME talk, I’m sure the reverse would also be true).

    • @john toner – I agree on the bones – my concern is not passing on things that are rotten or poison!

      As to agreeing, I understand. I go back and read things a wrote a few year ago and see things I don’t agree with!

  5. I appreciate them also. It lets me know who else is doing good stuff out there in cyberspace. I also appreciate that you give a comment or two, a brief synopsis of why you found the blog to be helpful. I also very much appreciate the honesty about other blogs being a source of inspiration. It is a very nice touch.

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