Tell me my way is best – or else.

Ever deal with someone who not only wanted you to do it his or her way, but also expected you to tell them that their way is the best way? Just doing it their way is not enough, if you don’t agree it’s the best way, you catch grief over it.

Now the tough question – have you ever been that way to your bride?

I must confess I was that guy, in a big way, for many years. My bride is phlegmatic enough that she tends to go along with me on many things, but she is honest enough that she is never going to tell me it’s the best way if she does not think it’s the best way. Quite honestly, that bothered me for many years. In retrospect, I have to wonder what on earth my deal was! Talk about insecure, or bossy, or rude, or some other less than desirable attribute!

I’ve recently become aware of this kind of thing because I found myself on the other side of it. I asked my bride, and she confirmed I have gotten much better about this. Now that I have seen firsthand how frustrating it is to be on the receiving end this, I am very aware and working to remove any hint of it from myself.

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  1. But my way is the best way. If you don’t believe me just ask me. ;)

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