Are you spiritually private?

Until a few years ago, I was rather private about my walk with the Lord. I don’t mean I hid it, but I talked about it generically, at a distance, dispassionately. I talked about it much the way some talk about sex. Fortunately, I did not do this with my bride, but I did with other people, and especially with my children. So, I talked about Jesus, and following Him, but I did not open up and let folks see into my walk with Him. I was living it in front of people, but not talking what was going on inside. I don’t really know why – some odd shame thing – much the way some folks are about sex.

Are you like this? In particular, are you like this with your bride or your kids? If you are this way, I suggest you wrestle with it and work on overcoming it. Your bride and kids need to see your walk up-close and intimately, and others will benefit from the same.

And yeah, it’s tough. Yeah, you feel naked at times. Keep going, it gets better.

Links to blog posts that stood out to me this last week:

Note – I didn’t find much out there this week. Could be a summer slump in posting, could be I’m to busy to pay attention, could be just one of those random things.

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