Are you getting the good stuff in the comments?

The replies and comments on my posts are regularly filled with good points and ideas worth sharing. Sometimes the comments are more valuable than the post that inspired them. If you do the RSS thing, you can get the RRS feed for comments. I will work on putting some of the comments into the e-mails – either as they come in, or maybe do a recap on Fridays (see one below from yesterday).

Having trouble with spam filters and these e-mails?  The full address the tips come from is:; on behalf of Daily Generous Husband Tips []

So, it kind of depends on the way your spam system works. On some systems, whitelisting will work.

You could also try whitelisting “” which will clear all feedproxy e-mail. This is probably safe as feedproxy is very good about spam, and opt in only.

If you can whitelist by partial subject, “Daily Generous Husband Tips” is always in the subject line.

If anyone has other ideas, or specific information for specific systems, please post.

From the comments:

In response to Hints are for puzzles, john toner wrote:

Great post. A while back I came up with the 2-word phrase “Soft-Direct” for family communication. We can, falsely, think that all “direct” communication is “harsh”, leaving the either/or choice of either being “(harsh)-direct” with our spouse, or “hinting”.

There is a third option – Soft-Direct. You can say what you mean – but phrase it in a gentle way. “Honey, I’d like to leave this party in 15 minutes or less, so we’ll still have energy for sex when we get home… but, if you want to stay later, that’s OK too.”

That is “direct” – telling your spouse what you want, but also “soft” – making an appeal, not a demand.

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