If she is more vulnerable…

In my experience, most men think women are emotionally weaker or more vulnerable than we guys. This despite what we may say to avoid being called anti-woman or seen as insensitive. This despite any research that seems to say something different. Other men don’t necessarily think their bride is weaker, but none-the-less feel they have a responsibility to guard her emotionally.

If you think either of these, what are you doing about it? Are you protecting her, running interference, or giving her a break when life is stressful? Do you think she is less able to deal with stress, but act as if she should deal with it as well as you?

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  1. Once upon a time, I was an emotional tank. I could handle anything. That was in my previous marriage and part of being able to be that solid and strong involved putting away a lot of my femininity. Anything that made me feel vulnerable.

    This time around, my husband lets me be vulnerable as often as I need (and it’s still exceptionally rare..) I have bad days; I have emotions I don’t entirely understand. He doesn’t judge me and as a result of being free to feel vulnerable, I’ve begun reintegrating feminine aspects into my appearance and attitudes.

    He wins. He doesn’t baby me or protect me, but there is a lot to be said for letting a woman drop some of her modern day “manly roles” by helping her feel safe enough to be vulnerable.
    .-= Newlywed & Unemployed´s last blog ..Three Things I Now Know =-.

  2. @N&U – I love “lets me be vulnerable”. Most of us, male and female, can be a brick wall if we have not choice – but long term that is not good for us emotionally.

    Also, men should note that being a brick wall takes a lot out of anyone, and reduces their ability to do other things that don’t come easily – which for many women includes sex.

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