Stir her up!

“And let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works…” [Heb 10:24]

How would we apply that to marraige? How can we encourage our brides to love others and do good works? How can we convince them we want their help in encouraging us to do the same?

Links to blog posts that stood out to me this last week:

Note – Once again a lack of time has kept me from reading all that I normally do. Still found plenty of good stuff out there!

Engaged Marriage

Want a Better Marriage? Learn About Money! : Money is a major cause of marital stress – find out how to deal with or avoid money stresses.

Marriage Gems

What’s a Pro-Marriage Counselor & How Do You Find One? : “A pro-marriage counselor is a therapist who is not neutral about the marriage—one who actively advocates for the marriage, not for one or both individuals.” Okay, to me this is a “well duh” thing – but then I realise there are counsellors who DON’T operate this way.
Just Say ‘No’ to Perfection in Marriage: Perfectionism will destroy anything – with marriage being no exception.
Read This if You EVER Have Conflict in Your Marriage : I didn’t read this since it was not about me, but Lori always writes gr4eat stuff, so I’m sure it’s very good. (And yes, I’m kidding on the first part of that.)

The Marry Blogger

Flexing Your Marriage Muscles : Stu offers a few marriage evaluations – do you know where your marriage needs work?

The Romantic Vineyard

Freebie Friday: National Observances: A fun way to fit more fun and celebration into your life.
Love Endures All Things: Another great entry in the “Love is” series.
7 Links From Our Heart for Marriage: Another reply to the 7 link challenge – and great stuff.
Project 52: 30 Minutes To A Memory: Tom Walter is a romantic genius. Read and learn.

Simple Marriage

Are you guilty of these marriage mistakes? : A great list – I could do a week on each of these. In fact, I just happen to be doing next week on #10.
Allowing Your Child to Grow Up : A very good The Confident Mom guest post

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  1. I think the best way to stir someone to love and good works is to live it yourself. Show her love. Do things for her. Get involved showing love and doing for others and invite her to come along with you.

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