Statement of Marriage Beliefs

It’s common for churches and ministries to have a statement of faith. Such a statement shows others what the group sees as the most vital truths, the essential agreements needed for common fellowship. Statements of faith also help those in the group to have a framework to keep them from straying into deception or danger.

Along the same lines, how about working with your bride to create a statement of marriage beliefs? What are the most important issues for your marriage? What is necessary? What must exist? And what are areas of deception or danger?

Creating a joint marriage beliefs statement could be a major undertaking for many couples – and the more work it would take, the more worthwhile an undertaking it would likely be. Finding the places you don’t agree would point out areas that need to be discusses and studied. I suspect most couples will never agree 100% on such a statement, but the effort should still be instructive and productive.

Years ago Lori and I wrote Our Thoughts on Marriage, which is more or less this kind of a statement. Be aware that statement was general to all couples, and defined only a few areas of marriage – but it still might be a starting place.

No Link Love this week: Sorry, we spent the last 8 days moving, and I’ve not had time to do my usual blog reading. I will pass on one off topic thing that is along the lines of what we believe. My friend and neighbour Maurice Smith has recently released his new book All Dogs Go To Heaven Don’t They? (Day job book-store link) – a very through book on (and against) the growing acceptance of “Universal Reconciliation” in the Western Church. I’ve not yet read the book (mine is on its way) but I have had some discussions with Maurice, and saw much of the background for this book over the last two years as it unfolded. I know Maurice to be a through and gifted researcher and theologian, so I can recommend the book for those who want a thro0ugh understanding of this issue.

My personal opinion? After a lot of study, and discussion with several friends who are “UR”, I can’t find any way to fit the doctrine within what I would define as orthodox Christianity.  I don’t want to go into that discussion here, but I have become a fan of Maurice’s “All dogs” Facebook page, and will keep an eye on the discussion over there.

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