Do your actions show your stated priorites?

Does what you do line up with what you say is important? You say you love your bride, but do you actions show love? You say she is important to you – do your actions show she is a priority? You say you would do anything for her – but do you take out the trash and pick up your socks? You say you want her for more than sex…

Sorry, I got carried away there. However, you get the point.

4 Comments on “Do your actions show your stated priorites?

  1. This is tough! it’s something I struggle with from time to time. Sometimes I do well, then complacency and routine sets in and somehow I forget to constantly SHOW love to my wife above and beyond normal everyday interaction. Thanks for the reminder
    .-= Eric – BHF´s last blog ..Guest Post – Feedback =-.

  2. This reminds me of the book “For Men Only”, where it talks about why her “I do” will always mean “Do you?” Most men feel that once you are married, the pursuit is over because you’ve finally won what you were pursuing. It’s a closed deal. But it never really feels like a closed deal to women. We never feel permanently loved, and we need to be reminded on a daily basis. Woman can even have full logical knowledge that their husband loves them… but it means nothing unless they FEEL loved! Telling us helps us KNOW we are loved… showing us helps us FEEL that we are loved, thus also confirming our knowledge.

  3. Carla has a great point – there is a real difference between knowing something and feeling it. I may logically and rationally understand a issue/situation to be good but still feel that it’s bad, or vice versa.

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