Let her hear you praying for her

That’s it – Let her hear you praying for her.

Links to blog posts that stood out to me this last week:

Note – still running short on time, but snagged a few good posts to share:

Happily Married After

If the Sun Went Black… : “One of my personal greatest pet peeves is when the people around me don’t allow for me to change or recognize any changes that I have made and respond to me in the manner that I used to be” [David L Patrick] I know the feeling – we want our changes to be immediately accepted and acted on by others – and that does not happen. Do you expect your bride to treat you as changed without taking the time to prove you are?

It Might Be Love

Are You Doing What You Love? : Not liking your job is a drain on everything – including your marriage.

Life Gems

Is There an Imbalance of Power in Your Relationship? : The subtle warnings of marriage problems are often missed by guys, and we often react poorly when our brides try to warn us.
Happy Marriages are Not Carefree : A good post on an important issue.

Peace & Projects

7 Simple Lessons from a Step Mom to You : Good stuff for any parent – male, female, step or otherwise.

The Romantic Vineyard

Sparkle Challenge #1 : A great surprise special occasions date.

Simple Marriage

No – Enough Said: The importance of learning to use a small, simple word.
Adios TV: Would your life be better without TV?

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