Sawubona: Now I See You.

A friend of mind taught me the word “Sawubona”. Sawubona is a Zulu greeting, which means something along the lines of “Now I see you”. It is more than just saying “Hi” – it is indicating a willingness to look at someone, to see them, to see who they are, and how they are.

How often do you stop and really look at your bride – really see who she is and how she is? How often to you make an effort to fully update your understanding of what she is dealing with, what stresses and victories she has had recently, what she wants and needs, what she would like to do and give? Seeing her is easy – really seeing her takes time and effort. Is she worth the time and effort?

One Comment on “Sawubona: Now I See You.

  1. U have captured “Sawubona” very correct and appropriate for ur article, just wanted to add that it also says “I acknowlegde ur presence”…

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