It’s “U-Pick” time in the Northwest – and other parts of the world I suspect. U-Pick is a great way to get top quality produce for a great price – because you do the picking labour. Lori and I have made two U-Pick trips for raspberries this summer, and we have had a great time together driving to and from and working together while we pick. We will think back on the time when we eat our raspberry freezer jam all through the next year.

Give it a try. Pack a picnic and make an afternoon of it. If you can manage a half a day off work, go on a weekday when you won’t have to fight a crowd and will have more to pick. Wednesday and Thursday are good – enough time for things to have ripened since the last weekend, and you get in before the Friday crowd.

Bonus: This web site seems to have a very good listing of U-Pick places in the USofA.

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  1. When we want to pick raspberries, we just grab a couple tupperware containers and head for the back field. Around here, “raspberry bush” is semantically equivalent to “weed.” When they grow too severe, I become Wielder of the Machete of Doom, and no raspberry stalk shall stand against me.

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