Don’t Blame God

A few phrases I hear that drive me crazy, and what I usually don’t say in reply:

I know it will work out, because God would not have put me into this if He was not going to get me out.
Maybe God did not put you there; maybe it was your doing.

God only gives us what we can handle.
Unfortunately, most of us have a bad habit of biting off more than we can chew, and then blaming it on God.

God’s Word shall not return void.
This is used to claim that a prayer will be answered as we prayed it, or sharing the Gospel will result in salvation. This seems more like witchcraft to me. The scripture that is misquoted here is from Isaiah, and it’s about the words God speaks, not what we say:

So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth; It shall not return to Me void, But it shall accomplish what I please, And it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.”[Isaiah 55:11 NKJV]

“It’s a sign.”
You can make anything a sign. Some folks live their life by perceived signs, and make a mess of things.

I’m waiting for a sign.
Jesus had some rude words for those who are looking for signs.

I don’t know why He led me into that deal/choice that cost me a million dollars/my house/my marriage, but I know it was Him.
Or, maybe your pride won’t let you admit you made a mistake?

Basically all of these have a way of putting on God things that are often not God’s doing. These are ways of excusing our errors, justifying our actions, or allowing us to feel good about continuing to do something that is somewhere between silly and suicidal.

In addition, just once I would like to hear someone say “I thought it was God, but now I know I was wrong.” I have had people continue to say something was God when it so clearly was not, and it’s just annoying!

Just to pretend this rant is marriage related ;-)  Do you ever use God to cover your mistakes with your bride? I’m pretty sure that is a good way to get in bad with both of them!

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4 Comments on “Don’t Blame God

  1. WELL said! I too am annoyed, thank you, by such statements; and try not to show it.

    For I perceive, and am sympathetic for this perception, that the origin of such thinking is in that peculiar and ‘correct’ medieval theology that leads one to several highly logical conclusions; the very same conclusions from which such statements come. So, there is no sense in challenging such notions in such a Believer, because these things are, by now, deeply imbedded in our correct theology and thus in good, Christian thinking.
    And this came about, beginning about 300 AD, because the dirty little secret of logic is that it works independently of truth; that is to say it works just as well with falsity, to bring us to a conclusion, as it does with truth.

    Didn’t Paul, and the others, warn us that there would be false teachers who would come soon after them with a different gospel? Did it not happen?

    So said with the hope that, for some, simply knowing this ‘secret’ exists, can possibly change their heart-of -thoughts, for the better, so that he or she can come to realize that they can be good, through holy spirit, just as we were created (and then re-sired!) to be!

    And what’s wrong with that?

  2. I generally agree that these statements gets used incorrectly often times, but I also see people use them correctly.

    One statement I would add is “personal conviction”. While I certainly understand that God does give people specific instructions at times, this doesn’t mean this applies to most things. It seems clear that God has given us the Bible, his Church, and other leaders to show us what to do. If these fail to show us what to do, then it is possible we need to look to God to show us directly.

    It seems like many Christians I talk to are looking for God to come down and tell them not to do something (this probably wouldn’t be a good experience by the way). I don’t understand why they don’t measuring their actions against God’s word and looking for leaders to guide them. If your attitude is former, I’m thinking it’s likely you’re already in sin.

  3. @Take Two – I agree with you on personal conviction. My other frustration with this is folks who think God wants everyone to follow something that is (at best) a personal conviction. If God has called you to something deeper, or more limited, that’s great – but it does not mean everyone who does not do likewise is bad or unspiritual.

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