Reach out and text her

One of my female friends on Facebook “Liked” this: “When you text a girl, Good Morning Beautiful, you make her entire day!”

Hear this guys, it’s from a woman’s heart. A quick text for no reason other than to let her know you love her, think of her, or think she is awesome, will do a lot more than you think.

Text your bride love notes – you will both be glad you did!

4 Comments on “Reach out and text her

  1. I often sms my wife just to tell her I love her. I either text her a love quote or a message from myself. She is always bowled over and really appreciates it. It really does make her day! What the best thing about texting it takes less than 5 min and does not cost much.

    So to all the guys out there . . . Follow this advise and start texting away!!! (Except while driving :-))

  2. I laugh, not because it is cheesy, but because I did this for the entire 2 years my wife and I were dating/engaged. And I still do occasionally now that we are married.

  3. My precious one cannot receive text messages while she works. But she can receive phone calls. SO, when I call her, if someone else answers the phone, I ask, simply, “Can I speak to my beautiful wife?”
    All her co -workers know, by now, that it’s me and, of course, she just love’s it!

    Also, here is a little snipet for you: When she answers the phone and asks, “Whatcah doin’?” Reply: “Talking to the most beautiful woman in the world.”

    You know, you’ll be able to see her smile through the phone.

    And you’re being romantic, just as you were created to be!

  4. Okay so the “talking to the most beautiful woman in the world” part might be going a bit far for me but I still love this idea and know first hand what a difference it makes to your day.

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