Big gifts out of the small box

Do you give your bride gifts beyond the “required” gift giving days? It’s a great way to show love, especially for a “gifts love language” woman; however, how you do this can increase or decrease the blessing factor. For the true gifts language woman the cost of the gift is really not a significant factor. That you thought of her is important, and the more the gift tells her that you thought about her, the more it means. When, where and how you give her gifts can also make her feel even more loved.

A few ideas:

  • Be a student of what she likes. Not just what items, but the styles, colours and themes she likes.  If she loves dragonflies, you can give her dragonfly jewellery, bookmarks, note pads, refrigerator magnets, and so on. If she is all about the colour purple, anything (including lingerie?!) in purple will be appreciated.
  • Use her likes when you package gifts – dragonfly stickers or purple wrapping paper for example.
  • When you travel, ALWAYS bring her something. If it’s something you could not buy at the airport, that’s even better.
  • Find underutilised holidays for gift giving (start here and here for some ideas).
  • Do half year holidays (4½ year anniversary for example).
  • Be sneaky – place/hide gifts here and there where she will find them from time to time. (Be sure it’s not something that will spoil or be damaged if it’s not found soon enough).
  • Give her gifts in public – be it at a restaurant, in-front of friends, or sending something to her at work. Nothing says “I love you” like speaking her love language to her in-front of others.
  • Get others in on it. I once had a lady friend of my bride’s place a rose and card on her pillow at a woman’s retreat.

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  1. Thank you for these ideas! I am a husband of a gift-languaged woman and sometimes struggle to come up with new ideas… and just in time, our 4.5 year “semi” anniversary is in 10 days, I’ll combine it with public gift giving and it will make her night! Thanks!
    .-= Eric – BHF´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday- Safety First! =-.

  2. Wow – as a woman who leans strongly towards gifts as a love language, this message couldn’t be more accurate or thoughtful! Thanks!

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