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“Marriage is to be held in honor among all, and the marriage bed is to be undefiled; for fornicators and adulterers God will judge.” [Hebrews 13:4 NASB]

First a comment on translation here. Many versions of the Bible translate this a bit differently, making it a statement: Marriage is held in honour, and that the marriage bed is undefiled. The problem with this is it makes no sense. We know that when Paul wrote this, many did not honour marriage, and we know that sin can be brought into the marriage bed. I therefore do not see this as a statement of fact, but rather as a warning – which ties the final part in nicely.

Today I want to deal with the first part of this scripture – the admonition for all who follow Jesus to hold marriage in honour. In a society that has little respect for marriage, I fear we have become soft on our support of marriage. By support of marriage I don’t mean protesting anything the world does, but rather taking responsibility for the marriages in our sphere of influence. Don’t just hope things are okay, don’t just say a prayer when you know something is wrong – BE INVOLVED!

I’m not talking about meddling or offering advice outside your realm of knowledge. What I am advocating was brilliantly explained by Eric Payne in his Friends Of Your Marriage post. In my life I want my friends to be a friend of my marriage first and foremost, and my friend secondly. I don’t want someone who will agree with me to make me happy, or who won’t point out ways I might be hurting or limiting my bride to avoid hurting my feelings. I want someone who loves me, and my marriage, enough to risk our friendship to warn or help me. I want someone who will get in my face if I am blowing it with my bride. If you are more my friend than a friend of my marriage, you are not good for my marriage!

Imagine if most of the folks in our churches had this attitude. When a husband or wife was a bit out of line, they would hear about it, lovingly, from several folks. If they did not make needed changes, others would chime in. This would not completely end divorce, but it would end the all to common years of problems with one spouse not seeing it.

By the way – for the leaders reading this, being a friend of marriages means putting the marriage ahead of whatever service the man or woman may be doing. Scripture is clear that those with real marital difficulties should not be in leadership (which I would define as almost any position of authority or service), and allowing those not working on their problems to have leadership roles is harmful in several ways. Being in leadership makes folks feel that the church has said they are okay. Being in leadership may mean others are less willing to speak up when they see problems in a marriage. And the time and stress of leadership will only exacerbate any marital problems.

Links to blog posts that stood out to me this last week:

Note: Drawing from the weeks I was unable to read, I have a massive list of links for this week. Skim it carefully, there is some great stuff!

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I Just Called To Say I Love You?: If your bride calls/texts do you expect it to be because she needs something or needs to tell you something important? If you call /text her does she expect the same thing? Maybe it’s time top change that.

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