Because of your wounds

I think the following statement is universally true:

Because of your wounds, you expect of your spouse things you should not. Because of your spouse’s wounds, s/he is unable or unwilling to do things you should expect.

By wounds I mean the things that have happened to us emotionally, mentally or relationally that leave us wounded, crippled or afraid.  What are your wounds? What are her wounds? Do you see how unhealed wounds are making a mess of your marriage?

I’ll camp here a couple of days, as I think this is an important issue.

One Comment on “Because of your wounds

  1. Some people have to learn how to trust again. Countless numbers of new marriages begin and end without trust. For example, people who come out of messy divorces have to establish clear boundaries with their new partner. They may have experienced infidelity and still harbor resentment towards the opposite sex. If you cannot trust the person you are with, then how can you possible move forward with that relationship?

    Victims of abuse can find love-making a difficult and delicate endeavor. Open communication between the husband and wife is crucial in this case. Obviously, no one wants to make their spouse re-experience that horrible event and to ensure it doesn’t happen, it is necessary to specify what they are feeling.

    With love and a lot of prayer anyone can make it through the specific issues that each individual may have. One of the greatest tools you will ever use in your marriage is the understanding that God has a plan for you and that with His help you can begin to find love that was better than either of you could have ever imagined. – A Safe & Sexy Store for Christian Married Couples

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