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I’m very big on marraige, and on doing everything we can to protect, support, and improve our marriages. One great way to do that is to do a marriage study with a four to seven other couples. If you have someone with a long term solid marraige who can facilitate that’s great, but don’t let a lack of that stop you. There are some great books out there that work for this – agree on a book, decide how to break up the chapters, read the chapter ahead of time, and then meet weekly to discuss what you have read and kick it around. When we do this we generally start with a meal and end with prayer – sometimes all of us together for prayer, sometimes split by gender.

In the past we have done this with by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs’ “Love and Respect“*. Next week we are starting a group that will be using Tony & Alisa DiLorenzo’s “Stripped Down“* book on the many forms of marital intimacy. If you are quick, you can form a group to do a study before Christmas – or, start working now for a group to meet after the new year.

[* Paid referrer notes: The link for Love and Respect is an Affiliate link, the link for Stripped down is not. My bride and I did receive a review copy of Stripped Down, and we have recommended the book because we were impressed with the material.]

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One Comment on “Marraige Study

  1. Hey!

    For whatever value there is in it, I just wanted to put my plug in for Corey’s excellent post!

    What he writes about is high-order wisdom. And from what I have perceivied in my own life, any who learn this truth and apply it will find themselves closer to being wise…

    and humble

    and good,

    Just as we were created to be!

    I would like to share these quotes that sit comfortably in thier appointed chairs within my own heart-of-thoughts, because they seem appropriate to Corey’s blog:

    -Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence.
    Robert Frost

    -Yet whenever that may be coming – the spirit of truth -it will be guiding you into all the truth, for it will not be speaking from itself, but whatsoever it should be hearing will it be speaking, and of what is coming will it be informing you. (John 16:13, CLV)
    Jesus ,The Christ.

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