More fat = less tesosterone

Need (another) good reason to lose weight? Male Obesity Linked to Low Testosterone Levels, Study Shows

This is hardly new news, but it is a well done, large study that confirms what was already known. That can do all kinds of undesirable things, including reducing your sex drive.

Cookies or sex? Ice Cream or sex? Bacon or …

4 Comments on “More fat = less tesosterone

  1. Sadly, it’s a vicious cycle that takes a lot of work to overcome – the more fat you pack on, the lower your testosterone drops, which reduces lean muscle and increases fat, which lowers your testosterone further, and so on.

  2. Reducing my sex drive…..may not be a bad thing. (….said only half tongue in cheek)

    A friend of my once told me he didnt MB because it reduced his desire for his wife. I didnt argue with him at all on this. But I always thought that was kind of the point. A way to temporarily dampen the raging fire.

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