Conservation of marital momentum

Newton’s First Law of Motion states “Every object persists in a state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line unless compelled by an external force to change that state.”

If we apply that to marriage relationships, we could say that the movement and direction of a marriage will only change if force is applied. While this is not a perfect analogy, I think it is an accurate description of most marriages which are more than a few years old. We get set in our ways, and often we will not move to change things even though we are unhappy with the status quo. We don’t feel up to the effort we know it will take to start our marriage moving, or to change the direction it is moving. We hope we can nag or manipulate our spouse to change, or we think things will somehow change direction on their own. In reality, what we are doing is like taking your hands off the wheel on a winding road and hoping for the best.

What kind of momentum changes does your marriage need?

2 Comments on “Conservation of marital momentum

  1. I suggest there are forces at work to accelerate your marriage in the wrong direction. In effect, there is a pull of gravity pulling the marriage down. By this I mean that selfishness, laziness, and greed (for example) are all forces that pull on the marriage, so not only do we need to exert a force to move our marriage in the right direction, we also need to always be working to counteract these negative forces.

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