A nowhere near perfect 10

I am increasingly convinced that the vast majority of married folks have no idea how great marriage can be. They set a goal of a 10 for their marriage, and work towards that, more or less. Thing is, on that same scale they could have a 50 or even a 100. In other words, marriage can be ten times a good as they think might be possible for it to be.

It’s no secret that my marriage has been less than I would have liked in the past. However, no matter how frustrating it was or how empty I felt, I always believed that it could be better – much better. What I expected when I got married exceeded anything I have ever seen lived out, but I was none-the-less absolutely convinced that it possible for a man and a woman to have a deep, intimate marriage that brought both of them joy and contentment. Somewhere along the line, my bride bought into the belief. Once we were both on board, I think it was pretty much a done deal. Not that there was not a lot of hard work – there was. In addition, there is more effort needed to maintain what we have and continue toward that elusive 100 marriage. Nevertheless, today we are both very happy with our marriage.

Why did I believe in a marriage better than anything I had ever seen? My best guess is that it was a gift from God. Because I had a very high goal, I was unwilling to settle for far less. Because I was convinced it could be had, I was willing to work and fight to have it.

If I could do one thing in this world, it would be to convince millions of men and women that they could have a much better marriage than they have ever seen – a better marriage than they thought humanly possible. Once you believer, you will do anything to have it. If a husband and wife both believe, what can stand in their way?

Please, believe. No matter how bad it is, no matter how much you have tried, no matter how convinced you are your wife will never change, please believe that marriage can be far, far better than you have ever heard. Believe it, want it, share it with your bride, and start on the path to the marriage you never dreamed you could have.

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