The other intercourse

One of the foundational elements for a great is good communication. How can you really love someone you don’t really know? And how other than talking can you know each other?

Do you know her heart? Do you know her fears, self-doubts, and frustrations? Do you know her joys, her desires, her ambitions and dreams? Do you know what those things were in the past, or do you know them today because you talk enough to be updated in near real time?

It’s a common observation (or complaint) that woman talk more than men. In large part this is because women are inherently more about, and better at, relationships than men. They don’t talk because they can’t shut up, they talk because they want to know and be known.

Don’t just talk “enough” to marginally satisfy her need. In fact, don’t do it “for her” at all – do it for your marriage. More talk is the starting point for more marriage – and all that goes with that.

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  1. I always thought of it as insightful that the Hebrew word used to decribe sexual intercourse, yada, (Yes as in yada yada yada…) was well transalted with our word ‘know’. ‘Know’ does a lot of work in English, as does our word ‘love’ and all of ‘know’s’ meanings convey the several uses of yada as well.

    So, because she was created to be your counterpart, it is a truth, and a pretty good pun in English, to say, “To know her is to love her”.

    And besides, your being good in doing this, just as you were created to be!

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