It may not seem like a valid need to you, but for most women getting out of the house with their man is a very real need.

I know, you work hard, and when you get home, you just want to be home. If your bride is an at home mom, or if she is part time away from the home, then the house is very much her work place. You wanting her to relax at home is a lot like her wanting to go to work with you to “hang out and kick back”.

Another need, for most women, is the need to get dressed up on occasion. She needs a chance to express her femininity in this way, and that means she needs you to take her some place nice enough that she can get fancy and not look out of place. And yes, she needs you to put a bit of effort into getting a bit dressed up as well.

Make a point of taking her out some place nice at least once a month. If money is tight, cut out a few coffees a week, or find some other way to make the money available. Your marriage (and your sex life) will benefit from your bride getting to express her femininity in public on occasion.

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  1. I agree 100%. My wife and I have been married for a little more than 35 years and when people ask me the key to a successful long marriage I always tell them 2 things – First and formost is keeping Christ at the center of the marriage and the 2nd is to continue dating. We used to date every week – we would dress up and go grocery shopping and then about 4 times a year do something else. But times have changed so we had to change with them. Now we date 1 time a month, sometimes it costs a more and sometimes less, but everyone is a date where we dress up and prepare and make a big deal of it. It takes my wife more than 2 hours to prepare for a date and select the “right” closes, etc. I can tell you from experience, you must continue dating to have a successful marriage, without it, both of you will find your eyes straying.

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