A safe place

For women, a foundational issue in marriage is that their marriage and home are “safe”. This does not simply mean she knows her husband won’t physically hurt her – safe is about her body, her mind, and her soul.

A woman needs to know that her husband will not hurt her with his words. She needs to feel respected and honoured. She needs to know that he won’t teased, belittled or punish her for her mistakes. She needs to know that he won’t hold a grudge; that when he forgives he does not bring it up again. She needs her husband to run interference with the kids when she is overwhelmed, and give her a place to hide out and unwind when she needs that.

Ask your bride is she feels her home and marriage are safe places. If she does not quickly say yes, maybe you have a bit of work to do.

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  1. Good points!

    But isn’t there an equally valid point that guys want to have the same generosity of spirit given to them especially over old offences! I mean it is no fun to have the old (supposedly forgiven) offence thrown in your face years after the event, especially when you have assiduously made the effort to change behaviour patterns so that the offence will not recur!

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