If you are of a mind to put your lips to her vulva, try some suction. Start by gently sucking her inner labia, then move to her clitoris. Don’t try to suck on just the clitoris, rather pull the clitoris and surrounding area into your mouth. Vary the suction – try both slow changes and rapid changes in suction.

Use your hands to move any hair away (it will prevent you getting a good seal) and to move her outer labia aside to gain better access. A pillow under her rear (with a towel on the pillow) will make it easier and more comfortable for you.

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  1. I just choked on my Cornflakes………..only because I wasn’t expecting it;-). Still waiting for your thoughts on losing physical attraction for an overweight or obese spouse.

  2. Spot on! Thanks for posting this!

    I don’t know really what to say in response to losing attraction to an overweight spouse. I know that both of us have gone up and down in weight over the years, though it seems like we never notice it on each other until we see a picture or video. (And I’ve lost about 100 pounds, and gained 20, ha!) I know that he’s going to change, get older, be not as handsome perhaps, but he’s still the same man, and I’m still the same woman he met 14 years ago. Since he’s over 18 years older than me, it goes without saying that it will seem even more pronounced to me as the years go by.
    I guess just realize she is still the same beautiful woman on the inside…

  3. @neilethere – Honestly, I may not be a good person to ask about loosing attraction due to looks. I have a mild case of face-blindness, and how people look is pretty irrelevant to me. That may or may not effect how I see my bride.

    To me the body is little more than a package that contains the person. Sure I have preferences, but they are minor and not really an issue. For me, losing interest due to some physical change is like saying I lost my appetite for my favourite food because I don’t like the style of the silverware or the design on the plate used to server the food.

    My theory is that it’s a choice, that we can choose to be attracted to the inside no matter what the outside looks like. But since I have always been that way (I have an essay from high school saying these things about the unimportance of a girls physical looks) I can’t prove my theory.

    Another aspect of this can be why she gained weight, and what that says about her emotionally and mentally. If we can understand and sympathise with why it happened, maybe that makes it easier for us. If we can’t, or if we feel the why is very selfish, that probably makes it more difficult.

  4. I mastered this technique 20 years ago and my wife loves it A LOT. The only downside is I think she may love it more than intercourse!

    • @Dave
      I have to admit that oral sex is a very special, wonderful thing! To me though, it is like a rich dessert, you can’t eat it all the time! I gotta have the main course, please and thank you!

      Mutual oral sex is sublime! (69)

      Besides, it does nothing to relieve all the congestion, it just leaves me wanting more! :)

  5. I love OS because it is pretty much the only way to send me to the moon and back. And when he’s done, I am begging for him to enter in for intercourse. I am highly aroused, uber sensitive and on FIRE! Although, I can see where it can be sometimes intimidating for a husband to go there when a wife is that high on an O and it can perhaps leave him feeling useless or out of the equation. I try to make sure when it gets to that point that I stop being completely absorbed in the O he gave me and engage in him instead. I can still enjoy my continuing O, but my focus is on him and his O. I just wish this would occur more often. It is a rare event.

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