When ideas of sacred clash

Around our home, we have a “sacred bag”, which holds must-have documents when we travel, and “sacred boxes” which have held very important items in our too many moves of the last four years. Of course, these items are not sacred in the biblical scene of the word, but they are very important.

What is sacred or very important to you? What items, or ideas, are you unwilling to give up? What about your bride, what is sacred to her? An article entitled “The Psychology of the Taboo Trade-Off” looks at what happens when sacred values clash.

“When people are asked to trade their sacred values for values considered to be secular—what psychologist Philip Tetlock refers to as a “taboo tradeoff”—they exhibit moral outrage, express anger and disgust, become increasingly inflexible in negotiations, and display an insensitivity to a strict cost-benefit analysis of the exchange.”

If you argue about or try to change your bride’s mind about something she holds “sacred” it’s not going to end well. If you belittle what she hold sacred, or belittle her for feeling it is sacred, it will get downright ugly. Be aware of what she finds sacred, and tread lightly!

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One Comment on “When ideas of sacred clash

  1. Cool perspective. And one that I think goes a long way toward explaining what could be called ‘religiosity’. But I won’t call it that because I know how difficult it can be to scrutinize the sacrosanct things I can find in my own heart-of-thoughts.

    ‘R-E-S-P-E-C-T / Find out what it means to me.’ Seems to be the refrain that will help us to refrain from being a fool when we feel that something is ‘stupid’ or ‘trivial’ when someone else thinks it’s important. Especially when speaking to the most important human being you will ever know, your spouse.

    I would call this kind of respect, being good, just as we were created to be.

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