Encourage simple pleasures

My bride has never been a tea drinker – always called it “dirty water”.  A couple of weeks ago she was invited to a “tea party” which featured a tea specialist, and she was told this woman could find a delicious tea for anyone. My bride was very sceptical, but went out of friendship. She returned home with more knowledge about tea than any one person should have, and a couple of teas she liked. She also ordered several more teas. Since then, I have enjoyed watching her have tea several times a day. I love watching her wrap her hands around the cup to warm them when she is cold, and I enjoy seeing her take a moment to relax and enjoy her new-found simple pleasure.

Does your bride have any simple pleasures – things she does to pamper herself or to relax? If not, or if she does not have many, encourage her to find a few – or a few more. Then jealously guard her simple pleasure time on her behalf. You will both be rewarded.

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