Anniversary Trips

I am a huge advocate of a yearly anniversary trip. Aside from celebrating your marriage, a trip is a great way to pull aside and reconnect. If you take a trip each year, you can gauge how your marriage is doing by looking at how things have improved, or gotten worse, since the last trip.

I realise a yearly trip is difficult for most of us; I also think it’s a priority worth setting. Save up your miles and free stays. Look for discounts. Get family and/or friends to take the kids (even if you have to reciprocate) and burn up a few vacation days. Work a bit of overtime and/or cut back on something to make the money. It’s worth it, really it is.

One year we didn’t have the money to go anywhere, but we still wanted our anniversary time together. We told everyone we would be doing our annual trip and took our son to his cousins a couple hours drive away. Then we came home, unplugged the phone and covered the front window. We put a blanket on the floor and watched movies, ate snacks, snuggled, and so on. We did some no/low cost tourist things in and near our home town, and we broke into the change bottle to have one nice meal out. For almost nothing in money, we had our few days alone. If you are determined, you can do it.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more!

    For us we started with semi-annual “business meetings” that involved disappearing for a couple of days to literally conduct a board meeting of the wood family household.

    I should preface this with the note that after 10 years of marriage we were not “married” by any stretch of the imagination. Our marriage had ceased to be and we were truly unhappy partners in a business that was indisolvable. Since we had children and responsibilities, since my wife was a hugh up manager at work and I was self employed we found a “business” model worked for the moment.

    anyhow, after prayer, and humility our lives were changed and the marriage healed and that is when we began our “Anniversary” weekends.

    Since our 20th (2006) we have been going to an ocean cottage we found on (googole vacation rentals by owner) For our 20th it was the beginnings of our current courtship. For or 24th it was 3 nights of wedding-night-bliss the likes of which no 19 year old could imagine!

    We have come to realize that at first we felt we couldn’t afford it, now we realize that we can’t NOT afford it. Since we began our anniversaries at the cottage we have only missed going there once due to a family funeral. Even so we still got ourselves a weekend away that year at a local hotel.

    The key is to immerse yourself into your spouse and make it all about them!

    I love my wife dearly and I would truly be lost without her. Our anniversary weekends now literally explode with or commitment, love and passion for each other.

    Don’t miss out on what can be! Be good stewards, plan a head but make it happen! Even if it means giving up the bag of chips for a couple of months in order to make it happen! She IS worth it!

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