Busy Bride Alert

Today (the day I wrote this actually) my bride has been very busy. A lot to do, a wide variety of things, running here and there. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much I could do to help. However, I did take notice of her busyness, and I made a mental note keep this in mind later in the day when I knew she would be tired.

Do you know when your bride is unusually busy? If you are away from her most of the day, you won’t know unless you ask. Don’t just “uh huh” her as she tells you about her day – listen and try to learn what is normal and what is more than normal.

Once you have a way to gauge it, be ready to do some of the following on her busy days:

  • Take something off her hands. If you can’t take part of the busyness, do something she would normally do so she does not have to do that.
  • Run interference for her; with the kids, the phone, the door, and so on.
  • Suggest she take a break to relax, and offer to do whatever necessary to help that happen.
  • Help her relax by drawing a bath, or making her a cup of tea, or whatever else she enjoys.
  • Give her a massage when she falls into bed.
  • Acknowledge she had a busy day, and appreciate her for all that she has done.

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