Rwggrrwgrr mean I love you

I just came home and head a strange noise in the basement; took me a couple moments to recognise it as the paper shredder. Because we run two ministries and a business from our home office, a shredder is a necessity. The reason I did not recognise the sound right away is I almost never hear it. I have very sensitive ears (I can actually hear the mosquito ring tone) and certain noises (like the shredder) drive me crazy and make it impossible for me to focus on what I am doing. So, because she cares about me, my bride saves up the reams of stuff that must be shredded and does them while I am away from the office.

It’s a little thing, but it blesses me no end. I know it costs her something – not a huge amount, but it takes extra effort and awareness. I am very happy for her efforts, and it makes me feel loved.

What can you do along these lines that would bless your bride? Is there something you do that she does not want to hear or see? Something she knows has to be done, and she is not against you doing it, but she would rather you do it when she is not around.

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