How did I ever get by without you?

My bride and I have finally joined the ranks of the full-on smart-phone carriers. (Cost going down, need to be connected going up.) It’s taken about 72 hours for us to wonder how we ever got by without these phones and all they can do for us.

I recall a similar thing happening when I got married: as I discovered the myriad of great things about becoming one with my bride, I wondered how I had gotten by without her. Over time, I will come to take my phone for grated – and unfortunately, the same thing happened with my bride. It’s easy to forget how great it was to be married. It’s easy to forget that the pluses WAY out numbered the minuses.

Do a bit of recollecting. Try to recall how great it was to be married. Remember why you didn’t mind the few things you lost, because of all that you gained. Think about all the things you did not have when you were single that you have now. Bonus points for giving your bride a big hug and thanking her for all those wonderful things you have been taking for granted.

One Comment on “How did I ever get by without you?

  1. And the moral is:

    Don’t ever take your bride and the things she does for granted!

    Aren’t we Christians supposed to be grateful and thankful, always? This transaltes, in my way of thinking, to, don’t ever take Him for granted!

    Therefore, I think that this feeling of gratitude for our brides, which can be kept alive by our thoughts toward our brides, is really more for us than for our brides because thankful and grateful hearts, I’ve found, are humble and good hearts…

    And of course, good and human is what we were created to be!

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