What I am thankfull for today

Today I am very thankful that Stu’s list of The 2010 Top 10 Marriage Blog Finalists has 45 entries!

Thirteen years ago next month, my bride and I started “Godly Intimacy in Marriage” (GIM?) with the intention of covering a wide variety of marital intimacy subjects, including sexuality, from a foundation that was solid both Biblically and Biologically. At the time there were very few Christians willing to discuss sexuality, and it soon became evident there was a need to focus on that – so we became The Marriage Bed.

It wasn’t easy early on. We got hate e-mail; things like “You are going to hell, and you are taking people with you by what you say” and “THE HOLY SPIRIT TOLD ME YOU ARE WRONG!!!!!”. When we tried to get our site onto a Christian server (so we could focus on the web work, rather than running a server) a couple of companies told us “We like what you are doing, but if we take your site we will lose other customers. One fellow said, “My server is in my basement (this was the dinosaur days of the web) and I don’t feel comfortable having such a web site in my home”. When folks in real life heard what we did, there was usually an awkward silence – often followed by them having to be someplace else. Or, they wanted to talk to us, but only if they could be sure no one knew. It had gotten a bit better in 2001 when the Generous Husband and Generous Wife blogs started – but we still felt like a couple crying in the wilderness.

Therefore, it is with great joy that I see the proliferation of web sites about marriage, and especially the growing number of scripturally sound marriage blogs. My deepest appreciation and blessing to all who have taken up the challenge. My thanks as well to all who have prayed for, helped, supported, and PROMOTED marriage and web sites and blogs.

Do please use the link at the top of the page to vote for your favourite marriage blog. Also, take some time to see what gems are in that list. I’ve not had a chance to see them all, but I recognised many as good resources. (I would note that not all are compatible with a Christian world view – be discerning.)

A blessed Thanksgiving to all – may you have much to be thankful for today and every day.

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  1. Paul,
    I want to say thank you and your wife for all that you have done to pave the way into the blogosphere for all of the rest of us! Without your faithful listening to God and standing up to the comment Pharisees, and the discouragement that must have been the result many of the rest of us would not have even had the chance to enter the cyber world. Thank you for your faithful following of God’s leading and for all that you have done to impact marriages around the world!
    God Bless,
    Brad & Kate

  2. From one of those guys who has been around for awhile and remembers “the early days”, thanks for sticking it out! You have ministered to literally thousands of marriages and that work continues and will continue. Thank you for your authenticity. You inspire me!!!

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