Black Friday – an opportunity to bless her.

If your bride goes out and does battle on Black Friday, see it as a great opportunity to bless her.

  • Watch the kids, do it well, and have the house decent when she drags home.
  • Have a good dinner ready for her, and choose something that you can have ready or reheat when she gets in.
  • Run her a bath and let her soak for a long time.
  • Bring her a cup of tea, or whatever it is she likes.
  • Massage her feet for her until she asks you to stop, or falls asleep.
  • Actually listen as she recounts her great buys and shopping victories.

Even if you think it’s silly to go shopping on Black Friday (or maybe especially if you think it’s silly), don’t put her down if she feels it’s important. Teasing her may be fun, but supporting her will bring you both better returns in the long run.

One Comment on “Black Friday – an opportunity to bless her.

  1. Thanks for hanging in there all these years. What you have both done and continue to do is a blessing to me and to my wife.

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